Strategic Decision Associates
Strategic Decision Associates will meet with you to determine your Organization’s needs and design individualized services for your Organization.
Strategic Planning
Strategic planning–the systematic process of directing your organization to where you want it to go–is essential for any organization that wants to thrive.
Strategic Decision Associates will facilitate the strategic planning process and help you build a team by engaging everyone in your group: Management, Staff, Customers and Clients.
We will help you analyze your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and potential threats in order to develop a strategic plan for your future.
This plan will lay the foundation for your future success.

Project Management
Having a shared vision is important but how do you get a team to work together for common goals?
How do you put the processes and procedures in place that will provide your organization with the tools to evaluate your progress and results?
Strategic Decision Associates can guide your team through the steps that develop a shared and mutual accountability.
We can help you develop the processes necessary to measure successes and determine course corrections.

Ever wonder why some meetings succeed while others seem to go nowhere? 
Good meetings are well planned with clearly defined outcomes and facilitated so participants can focus on problem solving. 
Strategic Decision Associate adeptly apply facilitation skills to manage the meeting process and help focus conversations. 
They will guide participants toward generating real possibilities to real problems while ensuring everyone leaves the room with a clear understanding of their next steps and related responsibilities. 

Why do eyes roll when the word "evaluation" is mentioned? 
All too often evaluation is a top down process that is confusing and unrelated to day-to-day experiences.
Strategic Decision Associates has helped over 70 clients develop individualized outcome measures designed to meet the specific needs of their organizations.
They will help your organization walk away with Evaluation data which will improve program performance and communicate value to your clients and customers.

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